Fine Wines and Gourmet Dining

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Idyllic Surroundings

Welcome to La Tablée, a collaboration between Katie and Mike Armitage, and Louise Pickford who together share a love of  great food and great wines, and an understanding  of how to combine them in a truly welcoming environment. One of life’s true pleasures is the sharing of food and wine with friends and family, so Katie, Mike and Louise have launched la Tablée to share this passion with others. Spring is one of the most delicious times of the year in this part of south west France with an abundance of fresh, early seasonal ingredients.

'What made it such a special event for us was the context. Of course the food was amazing and the wine superlative, but it was the unexpected and uniquely beautiful venue and physical environment that made us feel so relaxed and welcomed and made the food and wine taste even more delicious somehow.  We'll definitely be back for more.....'    David S, London UK